In Leadership through Change: Stepping into Other People’s Shoes, you will be introduced to three different behaviours exhibited during times of change. The behaviours are depicted by three materials: Steel, Paper Bag and Elastic.

By thinking about these materials rather than people, you will gain some distance from the issues surrounding leading your team through change. You will then be able to relate your learning directly back to the workplace by answering reflective questions and applying organisational behaviour theory.

In this course, we only look at three different attitudes to change. It is therefore important to remember:

We will be looking at those instances when the behaviour is at its most extreme but of course these attitudes can manifest themselves in smaller measures.

The materials are one-dimensional but people are not. The materials are a way of simplifying human behaviour.

Do not stereotype. People’s behaviour will fluctuate and just because they exhibit a type of behaviour at one point does not mean they will always exhibit it at others.


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