Updated: Thriving through Change at Work.

08 Aug

I enjoyed this book because it recognises that change at work is an emotional process, affecting our self esteem and manifesting in physical affects.

The range of different sources and theories explained in this book flowed really well and have led me to read more widely, which is impressive as this is a subject I know really well so am very grateful for the new ideas.

(Amazon review for the first edition of Thriving through Change at Work.)

Book cover for Thriving through Change at WorkThe book has been updated with new material to help managers and team leaders to guide others through change.

The second edition includes:

– Changing involves Learning
A short section on Kolb’s cycle and how the model can help to raise our awareness of how our team members learn, an integral part of adapting to change.

– Reducing Fear of the Unknown.
Most of our resistance to change comes from not knowing what the future will bring. While it might not be possible to get rid of that fear all together, there are things that can be done to decrease it.

– Escalation of Commitment.
Don’t stick to your guns for the sake of it: make sure you don’t continue down the wrong path just to save face.

Currently the book is only available from the Kindle store, at a promotional price until the 19th August 2013.

Do let me know what you think of it if you buy it.

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